Australian Shepherds and Quarter Horses  bred and for sale by Aune's Aussies


We live in a small rural community on the western border of Minnesota. Our ranch is not large and we don't aim to produce huge quantities of animals. Our goal is to promote our favorite breeds by producing animals with good confirmation, color and most of all incredible dispositions. Our spread is home to about about 20 American Quarter Horses, 4 Percheron mares, 7 Australian Shepherds (Standard and Mini), 3 mini mares, 1 mini stallion, 3 mini donkeys as well as a Welsh Corgi and Tonkinese cat who think they rule our home.

We do a lot of trail riding and every year take a week to devote just to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota with our favorite mounts. Our horses, therefore, must be calm, quiet and hardy. Our mares have excellent pedigrees which you can view on their pages.

Our kennel has both mini and standard Aussies. We're partial to the blue merle, so most of the dogs are blues - but not all, as you can see on their page. We can mix and match kennels and there is never any fighting and they are wonderful companions. You can take them to the show ring, raise fine puppies, or put them to work on your ranch and they can do it all.

We also have Percheron driving horses. These two are Missy and Mary and they mowed and raked hay and gave wagon rides through the summer of '08. Mary died over the winter and we got another pair, Patty and Lucy. Lucy died on a wagon train, so now Missy and Patty are the experienced team. There is another pair of young mares ready to start their training. We love to hook up the wagon and take people for rides and the girls seem to enjoy it as well!

Strangers are only friends we haven't met yet, so don't be a stranger!!!

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