Australian Shepherds and Quarter Horses  bred and for sale by Aune's Aussies


We live in a small rural community on the western border of Minnesota. Our ranch is not large and we don't aim to produce huge quantities of animals. Our goal is to promote our favorite breeds by producing animals with good confirmation, color and most of all incredible dispositions. We raise Australian Shepherds and American Quarter Horses. Tagging along to fill in the gaps are a couple mini donkeys, a host of cats, some peacocks and other exotic birds, a blue heeler to hang out with the rest of the group and a Corgi to share our home.

Our breeding kennel is strictly standard Aussies. We are partial to blue merles, as you can see by the pictures. We breed for good bloodlines and "pretty" dogs, and our main qualification for a breeding dog is a superior disposition. We have placed puppies who went to the show ring, raised pups, worked the ranch, or became couch potatoes with their only job to love their families.

Strangers are only friends we haven't met yet, so don't be a stranger!!!

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